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Flavours included in box

Blueberry Burst

Bluenana Burst

Gushers Burst

Mango Burst

Peach Burst

Sherbery Burst

Strawberry Burst

Sunset Burst

Tropical Burst

Watermelon Burst

Burst 2G Disposable is the best way to unwind and begin the path of feeling good about yourself. Firstly, it can be perfectly seen that, this item gets the name “liquid diamonds” because they appear in diamond type. Burst disposables are potent mixture of THC diamonds and live resin extracts. When creating a live resin item, there are 2 key components. These are terpene-rich extract and THCa diamond portion. Diamonds are amazingly high purity ranging from 96-99 percent real THCa.

2000mg Burst Vape Pens Singles

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