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Halloweed: 5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Cannabis

Halloween – or, as some cannabis enthusiasts like to call it, “Halloweed” – is nearly upon us. The decorations are set up, pumpkins are carved, and you’ve got your costume all figured out... or maybe not.

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, or simply haven’t had time to think much about Halloweed yet, keep reading to find out 5 ways to celebrate Halloween with cannabis.

Why Combine Cannabis and Halloween?

The better question is, why not?

Halloween, like cannabis, is thousands of years old. Canada recently celebrated 1 year of cannabis legalization, and this will be the first Halloweed in history in which edibles are legal. So, this year, why not leave the trick-or-treating to the kids and celebrate Halloween and cannabis together?

1) Dress up as a cannabis icon

The flower-power hippie costume is so passé. Ditch the stoner stereotypes and dress up as someone who has made a positive impact in the cannabis industry – there are lots to choose from!

Costumes are an integral part to any Halloweed celebration, with or without cannabis. The sky is the limit, so feel free to get as creative as you like with your costume. Stuck for ideas? No problem, here’s a few to get you started:

• Snoop Dogg – The hip hop legend is arguably one of the most famous cannabis celebrities of all time. Throw on some baggie clothing, sunglasses and gold chains, and don’t forget to carry around a giant joint for extra effect.

• Willie Nelson – A true pioneer of cannabis advocacy, the country music star has been smoking weed since before most of us were born. Simply put on a wig with long braids and a cowboy hat, and carry a guitar to really get into character.

• Whoopi Goldberg – The actress-turned-marijuana mogul recently started her own business selling cannabis products made for women. Don a dreadlock wig, circular glasses and a white dress shirt with a black blazer to complete the Whoopi look.

2) Make cannabis-infused treats

It just wouldn’t be Halloweed without the munchies.

Store bought candy is fun, but if you want to combine cannabis and Halloween then edibles might just be the best way to do it. First things first: learn how to make cannabutter. Once you’ve made a batch of infused butter (or oil), it’s easy to add to almost any recipe.

For traditional Halloweed fare, you could make pumpkin pie, spooky decorated cupcakes, or orange and black lollipops.

3) Carve pumpkins, cannabis style

Tired of carving the same smiley face in your jack-o-lantern every year? This Halloweed, try something different. You could simply add a joint sticking out of the pumpkin face’s mouth, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try carving out a cannabis leaf instead of a face.

4) Watch a scary movie

If you thought horror movies were scary before...

Pick your favourite scary movie, invite some friends over, and make popcorn drizzled with cannabutter. If you really want to combine cannabis and Halloween, play a movie that evokes both topics such as Bong of the Dead (yes, it’s a real movie).

5) Get in the Halloweed spirit

This last way to celebrate Halloween with cannabis will be sure to get you in the Halloweed spirit. Put on some Halloweed music like Monster Hash (again, a real song) and start decorating the house. Cobwebs and fake spiders are a great start, but don’t forget this is Halloweed we’re talking about. Add some cannabis fan leaves here and there, use a bong as a flower vase centerpiece, and mix in some green alongside the standard orange and black coloured decorations you typically use.

NOTE: Always keep cannabis-infused food and beverages safely secure and out of the reach of children, especially those which resemble candy or treats.

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