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Product Feature: 1100mg THC Distillate Vape Pen by Drizzle Factory

Vaping Distillate

Vaping cannabis concentrate is an exciting new way to enjoy the effects of the cannabis plant. Concentrates are more potent versions of traditional marijuana, produced by extracting the trichomes from the plant and leaving out the other plant material.

The resulting product is extremely high in cannabinoids (THC and/or CBD), which is great for people looking for a stronger experience. Or just as a change of pace from ordinary cannabis.

One of the strongest forms of concentrates is distillate, with THC levels reaching as high as 90%. This is because distillate has removed everything from the cannabis except for the cannabinoids.

Even the terpenes, which give a weed strain its flavour and aroma are usually removed in distillate.

1100mg THC Distillate Vape Pen

The next generation in disposable THC vape pens, great for discreet sessions! Each vape contains pure cannabis oil, absolutely no cutting agents, no heavy metals or pesticides, and pure strain specific to the pen. Does not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

With over 20 flavours to choose from, these vapes are perfect for on the go, without the worry of any odour or heads turning.

No artificial flavouring! PURE CANNABIS!

Each vape comes with a micro-usb charging port to recharge your vape. The pens are disposable after use.


Distillate is a cannabis oil, and the word distillate refers to the distillation process that the oil undergoes. Distillate essentially takes an existing cannabis oil (produced using a variety of methods) and distills it further to isolate only parts of the oil.

The most common cannabis distillates are THC distillate and CBD distillate. Sometimes a distillate will include both of these cannabinoids, or more, and other times it will be a purer isolate. Usually, the name of the distillate will tell you the most prominent cannabinoids that are left in the oil.

A THC-dominant distillate might have almost no other cannabinoids in it, just a potent THC high. And CBD distillate will usually have little or no other cannabinoids, meaning it can be consumed without any intoxicating THC or the corresponding high.

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